This award recognizes current high school sophomores and juniors who are competing or who have competed and are involved in giving back to Odyssey of the Mind in extraordinary ways. Activities such as volunteering at tournaments, helping coach younger teams, and organizing Odyssey of the Mind at their local school or community would qualify an applicant. 

​Recipients will receive a $250 gift card and have an Odyssey of the Mind membership donated in their name to a program in need. The application deadline is February 15th, and recipients will be notified March 20th. 


This award recognizes alumni who have competed, are between the ages of 18-25, and who are involved in giving back to Odyssey of the Mind in extraordinary ways. Activities such as judging, organizing tournaments, coaching teams, or coordinating activities with regional or state associations would qualify an applicant. 

The recipient will ​represent and assist Creative Opportunities Unlimited and OdysseyAlumni at World Finals at the Creativity Festival, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Graduation Ceremony, and other activities. The award will cover room and board at World Finals in the same accommodations as Odyssey of the Mind officials as well as a $250 travel stipend. 

Due to the requirements of this ambassador role, the recipient will not be able to compete or judge at World Finals. If there are questions about the expectations, please contact OdysseyAlumni. 

The application deadline is February 15th, and recipients will be notified March 20th. 

Note: due to the uncertainty of an in-person​ World Finals in 2021, the application timeline may be adjusted. Applicants will receive communication from OdysseyAlumni of any changes to the process or award. 


Creative Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to offer several financial scholarships that can be applied toward the cost of obtaining an education at any university, college, community college, or specialized school.  Scholarship amounts often range from $250 up to $1,000 and are awarded based on a variety of criteria including commitment to and involvement in the Odyssey of the Mind program, intentions to continue as an Odyssey of the Mind participant/volunteer, and career or life plans directly related to one's involvement in Odyssey of the Mind. 

To find and more information and apply for the scholarship, visit COU's website.


COU and OdysseyAlumni are proud to support engaged alumni through awards and scholarships. Three different types of recognition exist, each supporting a stage in an OdysseyAlum's journey.  The application process for each type of recognition is the same (see directions below), and from the pool of applicants, a board of qualified reviewers will select the designated number of recipients.


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