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Since 1978, students around the globe have been solving creative problems in the Odyssey of the Mind program.

Omers live in every corner of the world and include artists, executives, architects, engineers, and more.

OdysseyAlumni brings this community of creative thinkers together.




Odyssey of the Mind



The world's first creative problem solving organization that has been challenging brilliant minds since 1978.

Creative Opportunities Unlimited



A non-profit organization dedicated to helping bring the Odyssey of the Mind program to young people all around the world via travel grants, Association grants, and more.

Local Associations



Find your nearest Odyssey of the Mind Association to see how you can get involved as a volunteer today.

Career Connections.

Networking on a Global Scale.

Want to hire other creative thinkers? Or find connections to organizations that appreciate out-of-the-box thinking? Utilize the Odyssey Alumni Database to make local and international connections with other alumni around the world!

Click here to access the Odyssey Alumni Database

Competing (Div. IV)

Rekindle Your Creativity.

Do you miss solving Long-Term Problems? Want another shot at the thrill of Spontaneous? Connect with other college or graduate students and form a Division IV team. Remember: Division IV teams automatically get a spot to compete at World Finals, and there are funding and scholarship resources available, as well!

Click here for more info about starting a Div. IV team


Support the Next Generation of OMers.

Running short on time but still want to provide support? Your donation will help fund scholarships, association growth, and team grants that enable OMers everywhere to experience the program. OdysseyAlumni is housed under Creative Opportunities Unlimited, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your donation is also tax deductible!

Click here to make a donation

Social Connections.



Enable the Experiences.

Want to give back with your time and skills? There are nearly unlimited ways you can help out! Tournaments are completely volunteer run, and alumni make fantastic judges, coordinators, and board members because they know exactly what it is like to perform on stage (or in a gym!). Don't want to judge? Become a coach and impart your hard-earned wisdom on a team (...all without Outside Assistance, of course). 

Connect with your local Association Director by clicking here


Connect with Other OMers.


Moved to a new place? Want to find community? There are OMers everywhere! Swap stories and maybe a pin or two as you engage with other competitors, coaches, and volunteers who live in your area. You can even connect with OMers when you are traveling around the world! Check out local Odyssey alumni Facebook groups or message other alumni directly through the alumni database.

Click here to access the Odyssey Alumni Database

Caree Connetons
Social Connections
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